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Incorporated May 25, 1949

"The purpose of the creation of the Cranston Historical Society in 1949 was for reviving and maintaining a lively interest in the history of Cranston; to collect, store and on occasion exhibit books, papers photographs and other incunabulam relative to early Cranston, to foster in the minds and hearts of Cranston residents and citizens an appreciation and respect for the founders of the city in which they live and work. To work toward the erection of a museum in which these objects of antiquity may be stored."

The Ghost of Sprague Mansion

Charlie the Butler

Our Colonial Side

The Job Joy Homestead circa 1754

When Cranston was a town 1754-1910

Joy Homestead

156 Scituate Avenue
Cranston, Rhode Island

Joy Homestead witnessed American History that is written about in text books in June of 1781 when French General Rochambeau and his Army of over 5000 troops marched by on the Monkeytown Road from Providence to Coventry and eventually to meet up with General George Washington and Rhode Island General Nathanael Greene at Yorktown Virginia to defeat British General Lord Cornwallis and end the War for Independence.

Acquired by the Historical Society in 1958, it served as the first headquarters for the Society. o longer the headquarters, the homestead serves a greater function for the Society; it is used as the background for teaching Cranston children life as it was in the 1770's. Volunteers from the Society and children participate in various domestic arts from the period. These crafts include spinning wool, weaving and braiding, cooking and games of period.

Joy Homestead School Program

The demands of two different era houses are enormous. We have many needs for items of each period. The Joy Homestead needs primitive items such as iron cook ware for the fireplace and wooden kitchen items. We need a butter churn to let the children know the hard life of children of the 1700's. These 3rd graders cannot even think of what life was like when there were chores for everyone to do or there would be no food for the table or clothes to wear. The thought of no TV or computer games is like something from outer space to the youngsters. By having actual items of 'the good old days' we can put the past in the hands of the future.

We are proud to be on the Washington Rochambeau Revolutionary Route

Joy Homestead Education Initiatives and Advocacy Programs

Rich in History

Birthplace of two Rhode Island Governors and Industrial History

Sprague Mansion circa 1790+1864

Visit Governor Sprague Mansion Online

Sprague Mansion brochure

Create your own special memories at the Mansion

A unique & charming ambience will cast a warm glow over you & your guests all during your wedding ceremony & reception.

Sprague Mansion has been hosting weddings, receptions, showers, bridal parties, corporate meetings and gatherings for nearly 30 years.

Close to Warwick and Providence.

Sprague Mansion is handicapped accessible to the first floor.

To rent the mansion for your wedding reception, shower or party call 401-944-9226.

The Last Civil War Governor, William Sprague.

Directions FROM 95N or 95S, take Exit 16 to Rt 10 Cranston; If heading north, bear left while on the exit; if traveling south, bear right while on the exit. Proceed north approx. 1/4 miles on Rt 10 and take the Cranston Street exit; Stay on your left on the exit, take a left at the light to Cranston Street. Take a left onto Cranston Street; go through 6 traffic lights. At the sixth light, take a sharp right staying on Cranston Street. The Sprague Mansion in on the corner of Dyer and Cranston Street. You can't miss it.

FROM 295N or 295S, take Exit 4 to Rt 14 Plainfield Pike; If heading north, bear right to the end of exit; if traveling south, bear left to the end of the exit;Go through three traffic lights; take a right onto Atwood Avenue; Continue through first traffic light, move into left lane as you approach the second traffic light; At the second traffic light, take a left onto Randall Street; At the next traffic light, take a left onto Cranston Street; The Sprague Mansion is on the left just after the next traffic light.

The Cranston Historical Society gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the following:

The historic Cranston Print Works, the oldest continuous textile printer in the United States, has always been a good friend and neighbor to the Cranston Historical Society


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